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Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Photonic Integrated Circuits

Webinar Title: Photonic Integrated Circuits: Materials, Forecasts, and How AI Accelerator Demand Is Affecting the PIC Market
Date: Thursday 30 May 2024
Presenter: James Falkiner, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx
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Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits are a technology with applications in everything from Quantum Systems to LIDAR. Using a variety of materials, such as Indium Phosphide, Thin Film Lithium Niobate (TFLN) and Silicon Nitride, PICs allow larger optical systems to miniaturised to something the size of a fingernail.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst James Falkiner will discuss the following:
  • What is a photonic integrated circuit?
  • What are current and future applications for PICs?
  • An insight into IDTechEx's Total PIC Market Forecasts
  • How AI accelerator demand is affecting the PIC Transceivers market
  • The roadmap for the future of Datacom Transceivers
  • PIC Material Benchmarks and Forecasts
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, "Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits 2024-2034: Market, Technologies, and Forecasts".

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Date: Thursday 30 May 2024
Duration: Approx. 30 Minutes
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If you are unable to make the date, please register anyway to receive the links to the on-demand recording (available for a limited time) and webinar slides as soon as they are available.

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