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High-Tech Glass and Gaming - IDTechEx Explores Automotive Displays

Could video games and online shopping be possible while the car is on the move? Automotive displays, a market set to be worth US$27 billion by 2034, are a large feature within a vehicle and can act as a hub point for controls and information. The electrification of vehicles and new technologies in the sector are allowing automotive interiors to become electronic, leaving all buttons and dials in the past. IDTechEx's report, "Automotive Heads-up Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities", uncovers figures and forecasts.
Display portal
Interacting with the vehicle is reimagined with touch screen sensitivity, increasing the driver's capacity to interact with the vehicle. Acting as a computer within the car, it will have far more possibilities than in older models. The seamlessness and neat aesthetic of these displays will be achieved not only visually but through touch as well.
Tesla has introduced integrated gear selectors and heat controls into the software, presenting the display as a portal to interact with the car for any requirements and usages necessary. Buttons for heated seats and air-con could now be part of the display, and with everything in one place, there is the possibility of sleeker and more simplified layouts. Haptic systems are enabled to provide the feeling of pressing a button for satisfaction and a physical feeling of reassurance at the tip of a finger.
However, there is the question of safety, where reaching to find a button using touch alone could potentially be safer than having to take the focus off the road to look at the screen, even if only for a second. In some countries, cars may not be considered completely safe unless they are fitted with physical buttons and less reliance on screens.
Voice control in the vehicle could make displays safer, where AI features allow drivers to ask the car to play music or start navigation, so no focus needs to be taken away from the road. With natural language, the car could understand requests easily without simplification or the use of certain phrases. IDTechEx's report, "Software-Defined Vehicles, Connected Cars, and AI in Cars 2024-2034: Markets, Trends, and Forecasts", explores these possibilities further.
Mood lighting and video calls
Features that can be accessed while the car is stationary or by passengers, such as selecting music, viewing navigation, and checking the car's battery status, are other features accessible from the display screen. Customizing the speedometer and changing the cabin lighting depending on the driver's mood is also possible. These features, accompanied by a crystal clear view of the car's cameras, mean these displays can achieve the perfect balance of safety and user satisfaction. Video conferences and online shopping could also be possible in the future, with the automotive display acting similarly to a smart tablet.
Time spare while the car is charging could even be an opportunity for the driver to relax and play a video game through the large display in the front of the car, which is possible today in some Tesla cars and other brands. Gaming could also be a possibility in the back of the car for passengers to entertain themselves on long drives, and there could even be the possibility of watching YouTube videos or movies through the car's internet connection.
LCDs and OLEDs are used in automotive displays for their ability to enhance quality and create visual appeal. The glass itself is carefully selected for safety and durability to minimize the chances of breaking or becoming damaged from use and can withstand pressure from being pressed.
Automotive displays are designed to ensure safety is a priority, which is why distractions are limited and features are only accessible in simple and straightforward ways. Passengers will also be able to control features within the car so that everyone can enjoy the car's features, while the driver can find everything they might need in one central place.
For more information, please see IDTechEx's report "Automotive Heads-up Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities".
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Posted on: May 7, 2024

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