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Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019

Don't miss out hearing from over 250 speakers and meeting up with more than 2,500 attendees from major vertical markets, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors at the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2019 in Berlin.
The Internet of Things conference will return to Estrel Convention Center, Berlin on 10-11 April together with other co-located conferences. This year's tracks in the Internet of things conference will cover the technologies and main market trends in 5G, LPWAN, RFID, Smart City & Buildings, Industry 4.0, Predictive maintenance and ultra-low power sensing.
A highlight this year is 5G. With the massive and fast roll-out of 5G infrastructure globally, 5G will come quicker than expected. More than 40 5G smartphones and fixed wireless devices are coming early this summer. The market revenue of 5G is expected to exceed $600 bn by 2029, mainly contributed by the mobile, fixed wireless services and NB-IoT. 5G will also set to change the landscape of industrial 4.0, providing a reliable network with fast speed, low latency and massive connections. Leveraging advanced technologies, such as network sliding, edge computing and spectrum sharing, 5G will bring smart factory and industrial 4.0 into a new era.
Smart sensing is an essential part for the internet of things, and low power consumption has always been crucial for many use cases, especially for smart city and smart factory where sometimes power supplies are limited. This year IoT conference introduces a new track in ultra-low power sensing. It focuses on state-of-art technology innovations to reduce the power consumption for smart sensors, which enable a large scale usage for IoT.
Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019 is part of the IDTechEx Show!, taking place on 10-11 April 2019 in Berlin. This event brings a unique and diverse, yet co-dependent technology expertise into one venue with the purpose of advancing towards commercialisation. More than 200 exhibitors will showcase their products and over 2500 attendees are expected to participate. Find out more and register at External Link.

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