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External Company Press Release

Electroluminescent panels can be applied to any artwork

Great Speed is a high-tech OEM factory professionally engaging in developing, designing, producing and selling EL flashing posters, EL backlights, EL flashing t-shirts, EL flashing safety vests, EL flashing car stickers, EL flashing wires and the relevant EL inverters. These are in superior quality with competitive price.
EL can be used as a perfect sales tool for any in store promotion, window display or vehicle advertisement. Never before have stores had the opportunity to bring animation and light to their posters and sales stands. Whether in store, behind a bar or in a shop window. EL will bring huge attention to your brand and products and it's helpful to the sales. Electroluminescent panels can be applied to any artwork, from a simple sales sign to more intricate designs.
Currently, custom built lighting is expensive and requires maintenance. The use of EL allows our clients to create bright, animated Point of Sale, at a low cost. EL will make your promotion more eye-catching to potential customers, dramatically increasing sales.
Source: Dongguan Great Speed Technology Co., Ltd
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