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Nexa3D Partners with Oqton for Dental Appliances

Nexa3D Partners with Oqton for Dental Appliances
Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, announced that it partnered with AI-powered manufacturing software leader Oqton to meet the growing demand for additively manufactured patient specific dental appliances and aligners worldwide. As part of this collaboration, Nexa3D plans to unveil a new dental software that delivers significant productivity gains across the entire dental manufacturing workflow, powered by Oqton.
The Oqton software launch expands the reach and utility of Nexa3D's dental production solutions. This portfolio now encompasses the NXD 200 dental production 3D printer, certified dental materials, and automated post-processing solutions. Nexa3D is a leading provider of fully integrated dental manufacturing solutions that deliver up to 20X productivity gains over other SLA or DLP printers with an expanding range of certified dental materials that are supported by robust end-to-end validated workflows. Dental labs and aligner manufacturers can now access Oqton software to automate their entire workflow from scheduling to tracking, and tracing all actions across their entire dental manufacturing process, enjoying higher throughput and lower costs without compromising on print quality. For further information see the IDTechEx report on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID Edition.
"This partnership with Nexa3D helps to serve the growing demand for additively manufactured dental models, restorations, and aligners," explained Ben Schrauwen, Chief Executive Officer of Oqton. "We partnered with Nexa3D to expand access to our automated and smart dental manufacturing software tools, so that more dental manufacturing customers can easily meet their quality requirements and continuously drive productivity and operational improvements as they scale their dental manufacturing operations. Our software is powered by AI that enables continuous learning, significantly reducing human error while improving efficiency and quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, delivering greater machine productivity and considerable time-savings."
"The comprehensive suite of manufacturing software tools that Oqton developed is exactly what our Nexa3D dental customers are looking for, enabling us to fast track to market powerful dental manufacturing automation tools and workflows," explained Kevin McAlea, Chief Operating Officer for Nexa3D. "Oqton's software is AI powered, cloud based and comes packed with customizable dashboards, reports and alerts that can be accessed anywhere. What I have learned from working well over a decade with dental labs and aligner manufacturing companies around the world is just how important it is to have an integrated manufacturing execution system. Armed with Oqton, dental labs can now effectively track and trace their entire part history from capture to CAD, materials usage across 3D printing process as well as machining, post-processing, quality control, and shipping."
Oqton's software includes autonomous support and label creation tools that automatically generate cone or lattice supports to ensure successful 3D printing at scale, while minimizing post-processing labor and material waste and avoiding support placement on critical surfaces. With Oqton, embossed or break-off labels can be generated to ensure easy sorting.
Nexa3D is all about ultrafast print speed with up to 20X productivity gains. For dental manufacturers, that begins with rapid slicing, intelligent orientation, and advanced hatching that are AI powered and automated, resulting in faster production cycles that yield superior surface quality when compared with competing products.
Oqton software comes with a high-density nesting and packing tool that delivers the highest density automated nesting available on the market today, outperforming human reached nesting density and maximizing the 2.5X larger build volume available with the NXD 200 dental 3D printer.
The all new Oqton Software is available for immediate purchase via authorized Nexa3D resellers worldwide.
For more information on Nexa3D and its products, visit External Link like on Facebook, or follow on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For more information about Oqton, visit:, follow the company on LinkedIn.
About Oqton
Oqton is a global SaaS company founded by experts in the field of manufacturing & AI that combine years of industry experience to deliver increased productivity. Factories of the future will be powered by humans and machines working seamlessly together. The Oqton platform enables this and provides scalable, sustainable and efficient manufacturing for any size of company. Our agnostic cloud-based manufacturing operating system automates the end-to-end workflow across & beyond the production floor. Specific vertical sectors can benefit greatly from Oqton, including healthcare, industrial and additive manufacturing & robotic welding. Founded in San Francisco, Oqton is based in Ghent, Belgium, with offices in the US, China and Denmark.
About Nexa3D
Nexa3D is passionate about digitizing supply chain sustainably. The company makes ultrafast polymer 3D printers, that deliver 20X productivity advantage, affordable for professionals and businesses of all sizes. The company partners with world-class material suppliers to unlock the full potential of additively manufactured polymers for volume production. The company makes automated software tools that optimize the entire production cycle using process interplay algorithms that ensure part performance and production consistency, while reducing waste, energy, and carbon footprints. For more information, please visit External Link.
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