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Energi.AI, the AI Driven Net Zero Platform Launched

Energi.AI, the AI Driven Net Zero Platform Launched
Today, the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years. Climate change will reshape every aspect of the global economy, from politics to migration, financing to supply chains and business leaders are already grappling with the fallout. Energi.AI will be a part of the solution and have the goal to ensure 10 million companies are carbon negative by 2030. Energi.AI is the AI driven net zero platform created to remove carbon fast enough and accelerate net zero solutions with Artificial Intelligence.
"The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Climate change is everyone's business. To reach net zero targets we need to streamline solutions into one easy-to-use platform." - Christel Mathiesen, Co-Founder and CEO of Energi.AI
Energi.AI will be generating intelligent software solutions for businesses committed to go carbon negative. ​​Businesses need a united platform to streamline efforts to measure and reduce their footprint and the planet needs decarbonization. Energi.AI has worked with the leading AI experts globally and has analyzed 50 million data points from 500,000 energy invoices at more than 62,000 companies.
The startup collects relevant data from ERP systems, uses machine learning to understand potential for improvement and builds exciting new solutions to become carbon negative.
Energi.AI is a startup out of Propell Group, a Norwegian impact scale up studio dedicated to building a better world by empowering businesses to drive innovation and global growth, by harnessing the power of data.
"We need to put brakes on climate change. We are building AI climate solutions for businesses to actively cool the planet. Between the narrative and the outcome, we will provide the solutions to make the planet and all inhabitants thrive" - Anders H. Lier, Co-Founder and Executive Chair at Energi.AI
Contact information:
Christel Mathiesen, Co-Founder & CEO
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