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Facial Recognition for Cannabis and CBD Vending Machines

American Green Inc has begun to implement facial recognition software by Jumio into the operating system of its AGM Age Verifying Vending Machine. Jumio's AI-powered identity verification and authorization software will automatically run the facial recognition for the AGM's initial customer onboarding process. Jumio has verified over 300 million identities and will now be integrated into our cannabis and CBD age-verifying vending machines. Jumio's software will also be included in the AGM beer and liquor vending machines.
"We are expecting the Jumio software to be fully integrated and working in our AGM by November 1st of this year. This is another impressive improvement for the AGM. It clearly shows that American Greens AGM is still the leader in the age-restricted verifying vending vertical and will continue to be the premier machine in the future. We did a lot of due diligence to find the right partner with the best software for our AGM application. We wanted a software solution with excellent performance, reliability, and adaptability to power the AGM's biometric customer onboarding process. The software also had to be compatible with the software that is currently running our machine. Jumio the company and their technology have provided everything we need and more." said Lindel Creed, American Green's head of Automated Development
Initial AGM enrollment to purchase age-restricted items is easy and swift. The customer scans their driver's license into their phone, and then shows it to the camera on the AGM. Jumio software will verify if the customer ID is authentic, authenticates against facial recognition it sees on the AGM's camera, then detects if the customer is "live" at the machine. Jumio approves or denies the customer upon completing its biometric verification process. The AGM then confirms or denies the person who Jumio has verified. The verified person lays their index finger atop the AGM's biometric finger vein reader for final verification. If the person fails any of the protocols, their ability to access the AGM will be denied. If the person passes all of the AGM's protocols, they will be enrolled and can purchase cannabis, CBD products, beer, liquor, and even casino chips instantly. The next time an enrolled person visits the AGM, all they have to do is insert their finger into the biometric finger vein reader to have full access to purchase.
Source: American Green Inc
Top image: Pixabay
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