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World's First 'Intelligent' Electric Vehicle Battery

The world's first 'intelligent' electric vehicle battery was launched to the world by European EV battery producer, InoBat Auto (InoBat) in a groundbreaking announcement delivered by the company's CEO, Marian Bocek.
Speaking at the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2020, Bocek announced that after only a year of research and development, InoBat can now unveil the world's first battery developed through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Throughput (HTP) technology. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles 2020-2030.
InoBat's technology-led approach to battery production enables them to create better batteries more quickly and efficiently, while delivering an increase in operational range for current best-in-class electric vehicles of almost 20%. This technology enables InoBat to reduce its dependence on cobalt, in addition to also boosting energy density to a goal of 330 Wh/kg and 1,000 Wh/L by the end of 2023.
Co-Founder and CEO of InoBat Auto, Marian Bocek commented: "It is with great pride that I can introduce the world to the first intelligent battery cell. InoBat is a world leader in battery cell innovation, and our vision to create the best batteries customised to meet the highest performance, safety and cost needs of electric vehicles is today a reality. No other battery cell maker has the technology to discover and demonstrate battery chemistries as quick. InoBat can provide its customers with the 'best' answer."
The company is developing a world-first AI-driven battery research centre and production line in Voderady, Slovakia, which will begin producing its first intelligent batteries in 2021. InoBat is also progressing plans to build a EUR 1 billion 10 GWh Gigafactory with the potential to provide 240,000 EVs with cutting edge, bespoke batteries in 2025.
The battery launch comes just days after former CEO Aston Martin and COO of Nissan, Dr. Andy Palmer joined InoBat as Non-Executive Vice Chairman to drive the company's vision for electrification forward.
Bocek added: "The world's first intelligent battery marks a huge leap forward in the electrification of transport. At InoBat, we want to fast track innovation to ensure the best batteries for any type of electric vehicle. These batteries will be tested and developed further with scale production starting next year."
InoBat aims to accelerate the rapid implementation of electro-mobility solutions in Europe by developing a fully integrated value chain, which will increase the global competitiveness of the European economy and provide a long-term sustainable solution to the automotive market. InoBat is backed by a strong consortium of investors and technology companies, including lead investor IPM Group (IPM) - the fastest growing InfraTech asset managers who specialise in bringing ground-breaking technologies to Europe - strategic investors and partners include CEZ (strategic investment of EUR 10m in InoBat Auto), Matador, AEN, MSM Group, Across and Wildcat Discovery Technologies. InoBat has also recently announced a strategic partnership with global high-tech engineering company, Manz AG, who will supply the production equipment for the R&D centre and production line, designed by architectural firm, Takenaka.
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'Intelligent' battery specifications
  • Battery to provide 265Wh/kg energy densities by end of 2021
  • Density will increase to 298Wh/kg by mid-2022
  • InoBat will generate battery cells that have 330-350 Wh/kg and 1000Wh/l by the end of 2023
  • Long term ambition is to remove nickel from batteries and further develop anode technologies to ultimately target 500 Wh/kg
  • Mass reduction in dependency on cobalt, a critical objective of our generation
  • 1st cell State of the Art in Nov 20 (NMC 622) will have 10% lower Losses and offer ca.6% more Range, 2nd Cell Leading Technology Q1 2021 (NMC 811) more than 10% lower Losses and up to 20% more Capacity and Range increasing about 80km to 100km in state of the art vehicles
About InoBat Auto
InoBat Auto discovers and produces intelligent battery solutions customised to the individual specification of the end-user for an increasingly diverse market of electric vehicles in automotive, aviation, commercial and industrial sectors. Based in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, InoBat is building the first-of-its-kind fully integrated 100MWh R&D centre and pilot line by 2022 and a 10GWh Gigafactory. InoBat uses a unique combination of High Throughput Platform (HTP) and AI to design cell chemistries, validate research and continuously improve to safety, quality and performance of the latest battery innovations. InoBat's 'discovery to delivery' approach fast tracks cell innovation from the laboratory to the shop floor, to produce high performance, technology-driven intelligent batteries at scale for the benefit of our customers.
About Marian Bocek
Marian is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at IPM and Co-Founder and CEO at InoBat, an R&D and battery production company with the long-term objective of serving the European market with new energy solutions. Marian has over fifteen years of global banking and investing experience, having executed in excess of US$10bn in private equity and investment banking transactions in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to co-founding IPM, Marian was a director of InfraMed Infrastructure, one of the largest emerging market private equity infrastructure funds. He began his career at Lehman Brothers' Global M&A/Investment Banking team in New York, which was taken over by Barclays Capital in 2008.
About High Throughput Technology (HTP)
InoBat's key technological advantage is the proprietary mixture of HTP and artificial intelligence (AI) research, which allows InoBat to carry out R&D to efficiently optimise battery requirements at a small scale. These optimizations than can be quickly and efficiently replicated on a larger scale - in this case scaling up its findings from a level of grams to kilograms. This allows InoBat Auto to efficiently create customisable solutions which fit a manufacturer's specification - rather than the current 'catalogue' approach currently offered by its competition and do so at great speed. No other cell maker has the HTP and AI ability to move up and down these capacities as quickly or seamlessly, allowing InoBat to provide its customers with their 'best' answer, at up to 10x a reduction in cost or time.
About IPM
IPM Group ("IPM") is an asset and wealth management company with assets in excess of one billion US dollars under management. The company focuses on investments in the InfraTech sector - the intersection between real assets infrastructure and ground-breaking technologies. IPM Group's portfolio companies aim to solve some of the world's most pressing issues across sectors including energy, mobility and AI-driven critical infrastructure. The dynamic and disruptive approach of the company has seen it become responsible for many 'first of their kind' transactions across the globe, in the process, seeding Silicon Valley expertise in the heart of the Danube Valley. The company supports Europe's bid for technological and supply chain sovereignty in its areas of activity. IPM was established in London in 2014 and has global presence with offices in London, Bratislava, Seoul, San Francisco and Hong Kong.
Source: The Communication Group plc
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