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AI Helping to Inform on the Corona Virus Outbreak

Canadian company BlueDot protects people around the world from infectious diseases with human and artificial intelligence by combining public health and medical expertise with advanced data analytics to build solutions that track, contextualize, and anticipate infectious disease risks.
It is claimed that the World Health Organization notified the public a viral outbreak on January 9th in China but BlueDot had sent word of the outbreak to its customers on December 31st.
With centralized disease surveillance driven by artificial intelligence, billions of anonymized airline itineraries, and models to estimate local mobility, BlueDot Insights is working 24/7 to become more precise in its anticipation of the spread of infectious diseases across our interconnected world. Part of that precision is rooted in context, beyond where and how fast a disease can spread from its epicentre. Just as a pathogen requires specific environmental conditions to spread and cause an outbreak, a person's daily environment influences which diseases cause the most concern for them and those they are trying to protect.
The BlueDot early warning system combines more than 100 datasets with proprietary algorithms to deliver critical insights on the spread of infectious diseases, sending near real-time infectious disease alerts based on what is relevant to the user and uses a cloud-based GIS platform integrating more than 100 diverse datasets, including global air travel and near real-time disease surveillance.
BlueDot was able to predict the Zika outbreak in Florida six months before the first case and their products are used by governments in 12 countries and several hospital networks in North America.
The system can also use an array of other data including an area's climate, temperature, or even local livestock — to predict whether someone infected with a disease is likely to cause an outbreak in that area.
Source: BlueDot
Top image: United Nations
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