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Solar Powered AI Cameras Keep an Eye on Campers

Technology will play a part in managing responsible camping this summer, the New Zealand government has announced.
Three technology pilots bring together the projects that the Responsible Camping Working Group and councils have created in readiness for summer.
The technology pilots are:
  • The new Ambassador App for responsible camping ambassadors employed by local councils. Ambassadors will be able to record the number of vehicles at sites which can be used for reporting purposes. The app will also provide ambassadors with information for campers in an emergency, along with local weather updates.
  • A new zoning pilot for Kaikōura District. The Kaikōura District Council area has been mapped into different zones to show campers where they can and can't camp. This information will be available to campers on the CamperMate app when they enter the District.
  • An expanded pilot of AI solar-powered cameras. The cameras will monitor capacity at a minimum of 10 camping sites. Campers using the CamperMate app will see whether a site has space or not.
At least 10 camping sites will be monitored by artificially intelligent, solar-powered cameras that show campers whether the campsite they planned to stay in is full via the CamperMate app. Tourism Export Council chief executive Judy Chen said the initiatives would hopefully solve some of the challenges traditional methods hadn't.
"Trying to monitor some of these sites can be quite tricky because it's very hard to have someone there 24/7 to really monitor and to manage the impact and the visitor flow, so using technology to obviously assist and hopefully reduce some of the negative impacts of these types of travellers is definitely a plus," Ms Chen said.
Source: New Zealand Ministry of Business
Top image: Pixabay
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