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In-ear wearable predicts fertility in women

Women concerned about their fertility window often go through a complicated process of data collection. With YONO, a silicone encased earpiece similar to an ear bud, women have the option of letting technology do the work while gaining much more insight. YONO is an easy to use, comfortable, silicone-encased earpiece, which is worn all night. Hundreds of data points are collected during sleep, which are then synced when the earbud is stored in the base station. YONO's earbud provides continuous body temperature data. With this unique data, YONO fertility APP not only records input from users, but also interprets BBT charts. The YONO app uses machine learning algorithms to plot a monthly fertility chart for future fertility prediction. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Wearable Sensors 2018-2028.
YONO wearable uses machine learning algorithms to plot a monthly fertility chart to predict one's fertile window. As a pregnant woman's core body temperature usually rises, YONO tracks core body temperature at the early stage measuring core body temperature instead of skin temperature. The proprietary algorithm takes this temperature data, along with information from the user about other physical symptoms, to provide information about hormonal health. The data-only syncs when the earbud is stored in the base station.
The YONO APP uses the readings to plot a monthly chart, then analyzes the data and predicts the monthly fertile window using machine learning. YONO machine learning algorithms are based on over 10K overnight temperature data and 100 cycles from real users and algorithms keep improving with information from more and more users.
Source and image: YONO
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