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Graphics printers go from design to EL signage in minutes

Rogers Durel Division has introduced an innovative Finishing Center model for use by graphics printers.
The new Finishing Center model, employing the company's thermal transfer and screen printing technologies, allows printers to produce thin, flexible, bright and animated backlit signs for a wide range of advertising needs.
The Finishing Center consists of the DUREL® Electroluminesent (EL) substrate, thermal transfer ribbon and programmable inverter. The thermal transfer printing process is quick and easy, and links a PC to the programmer box, inverter and sequencer. Graphics printers can go from design to sign in just minutes.
The roll coated EL substrate, which contains a front electrode (FE), phosphor (PH) and dielectric layers, is available in roll widths of 15" to 30" but can be assembled into much larger areas using simple lamination and assembly techniques to enable all sizes of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising to be backlit. Since there are no set-up costs incurred, printers can do efficient low volume runs or larger quantities - one, hundreds or even thousands of units.
Applications include Point-Of-Purchase (POP), banners and posters, automotive and transit wraps, and street furniture. Because the signs can be ultra thin (0.5mm) and flexible enough to be wrapped around a column, numerous designs never before possible are now within reach.
EL lamps have been used in the automotive and electronics industries for many years, but now the benefits of EL Systems have been brought to the advertising industry.
Rogers' RoHS compliant EL substrates and lamps are environmentally friendly and contain no heavy metals.
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