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Artificial Intelligence Research
Posted on August 09, 2018

EVNAViQ crushes range anxiety

Electric vehicle drivers frustrated by the absence of suitable and effective in car navigation develop and patent a state of the art new algorithm for EV navigation and route finding - EVNAViQ.
The lack of available accurate navigation and trip-planning solutions for electric vehicles has long been a contributing factor toward range anxiety - and is delaying large-scale adoption of electric vehicles among the general public. EVNAViQ is a solution that connects and updates routing information between electric vehicles and the many thousands of public fast chargers and is deployable across both mobile and embedded platforms.
EVNAViQ meets the growing need for in-car navigation suitable for electric vehicles with a state of the art solution for EV route finding; helping EV drivers to easily find the shortest route from A to B, allowing them to quickly and easily plan and schedule trips in their electric vehicles and removing lingering range anxiety by ensuring that they always have adequate charge to complete their journey - whether to a new destination or back home.
Unlike proprietary, in-house systems, EVNAViQ simply routes drivers through the many thousands of public fast chargers, transparently handles waypoints and round trips, intelligently diverts traffic away from congested chargers - and is available to all EV manufacturers.
Described by an automotive industry insider in Europe as - "The holy grail of navigation algorithms" - EVNAViQ is the state of the art in EV navigations systems.
"Being able to plan a long-range trip without having to rely on Tesla's supercharger network has frankly been a staggering relief... EVNAViQ should be built into every vehicle." said David Ball, early adopter of EV's, Tesla driver and test user of EVNAViQ, California U.S.A.
"Anyone buying an EV with EVNAViQ installed will be able to trust arrival at their destination, effortlessly and stress free" said David Morgan-Brown, EVNAViQ.
  • Finds the optimal route including charge stops based on the vehicles starting charge and the charge needed at the destination
  • Direct and round trip journeys with an arbitrary number of waypoints, charging at the optimal legs
  • Handles different wait times at chargers and chargers of different speed, balancing drivers away from congested chargers and maximising the use of the charging network
  • Charging routes are calculated in polynomial time and can be deployed on resource constrained and embedded architectures
  • Optimisation can be configured on time, charge cost, energy use, or any combination of these
  • All details of the vehicle and journey can be taken into account: temperature, wind direction, battery state, elevation change, etc.
EVNAViQ is owned and has been developed by Morgan Brown Consultancy Ltd, an independent UK based software development and consultancy house with proven experience in developing advanced optimisation solutions for the financial services, energy and technology sectors since 2005.
Source and top image: EVAViQ